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June 24, 2007

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1 The Future of B2B Media
2 B2B Marketing and Social Media - aliens or from the same planet
3 Poll: 'What are the most important Tools for successful B2B Marketing?
4 Traditional Media - bound & determined to loose?
5 Weblog on Media, Marketing & Internet (selected)
6 Studies & Ranking
7 In a nutshell: RSS & Wiki (Video)
8 Blog-Carnival 'Russian Media'
The Future of B2B Media

Yes, there is a great future for B2B Media. However, B2B Media will look differently, will be produced differently, will be delivered in different formats, aggregations and timeframes and what is most important they will be used quite differently. B2B Media will be around if they produce benefits for the business community, readers, writers, advertisers and the publisher or organizer. But most publisher still trying to organize the party instead going to other people party and make sure that other party guest find you 'useful', likeable and invite you again and again . you must be willing (and able to pay your entry fee in full).

If you check the 2007 B2B Media Power Top 50 List from b-to-b online you find lots of ideas and not all big (or small) companies gained the ranking you would expect. B2B Media should not follow the trek, but lead and service the business community.

2007 List: B2B Media Powers Top 50

Lead Generation: White Papers vs. Webcasts

B2B Marketing and Social Media - aliens or from the same planet

During the last month, there were many headlines telling that B2B Marketing has not changed much and the old players are the new players, too. It found out the German Marketing- and Sales Managers do not care much about Google Search, but look for specialized services and catalog business (a study sponsored by 'Wer liefert was'). Than we where told by editors-in-chief that blogs, wikis and other falderal have no room in any serious B2B environment.

I think that some people have forgotten about the old rule. If you teach them, they follow you (at least until the don't need you). But maybe it is to late. We learn from studies that business has adapted social media as collaboration and communication tools already and they learned it from other sources. The learn of how to use the Internet, Mobil for a more profitable business, for more effective (and cost effective) marketing & advertising and again, not from us .

ITtoolbox/PJA just published (first time) a 'Social Media Index' and it shows that B2B in IT&C values Social Media and is using it, with or without b2b publishers.

Jon Miller: What's Wrong With Social Media For B2B Marketing

Getting Started With Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social Media Index Starting page (Results & Summary)

Business-to-Business Survey: Wie und Wo B2B Einkaeufer im Internet suchen

Weblog:B2B & Social Media sind geschaetzte Freunde

Poll: 'What are the most important Tools for successful B2B Marketing?

The small poll on our Weblog is asking what are the most successful tools for b2b marketer. It is in German, but you are welcome to participate (Polldaddy is a great US tool for your website). After 343 votes the results are

1. (Company-) Website 13%
- eMail Marketing 13%
3. Congress / Events 12%
- SEO 12%
5. eNewsletter / eZine 10%
6. Online advertising 10%
7. Whitepapers 8%
8. Webinar 6%
- Exhibitions 6%
10. Print ads 5%
- Blogging 5%
12. Podcasts 1%

These are only random results, however they make you think.

Voting for Poll "Tools for successful B2B Marketing"

Traditional Media - bound & determined to loose?

Same story as with the B2B environment. As newspapers, magazines and portals do not teach about the colorful world around them, their readers / users have to find out for them self and if the learn and like something - they will move on and adapt.

This old media could have taken the lead and accompany their readers into the colorful world around them. Show them what is there, teach them how to use things to have a better more comfortable live and services them, so feel good and stay. But traditional media seems to be always behind and if the adapt tools, they have good reason why. You need an example?

Why can I not read this rich content from the New York Times on sites I am visiting all the time and/or have integrated in my communication flow? Why don't they publish their APIs for others to use? Immediately they could service millions of additional readers in companies, organization, and government. Why is the new Facebook-Platform Barack Obama is using for local networking and campaigning and not the New York time, or any other network?

Why does Time magazine (an all the others) not publish their hot story, pictures, videos - their best and compelling content via Widget on thousands of other sites? NBC Universal has just announced such a move (with Clearspring) beyond newsfeeds, weather, sport results, etc.

Mit Widgets h?here Reichweite zu 'sozialen Preisen'

Facebook als Social Operating System

Obama '08 setzt auf Networking via Facebook-Platform

Mashups: The Next Major Software Development Model

Weblog on Media, Marketing & Internet (selected)

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Update on 'Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media'

Anzeigenentwicklung 2001 - 2006: FZ Kommunikation & Allgemeine Industrie

Google's Universal Search vs dem Rest der Welt

Burda Eastern Europe uebernimmt Vogel Burda Communication Praha

Burda Eastern Europe uebernimmt Vogel Burda Communication Polska

The Next Readers Interface: The Surface (of Anything)

Erfolgreicher Start: TechTarget IPO an der NASDAQ GM

The Internet Opens The World for Young Chinese

Studies & Ranking

IAB Annual Report 2006 (PDF)

Enquiro: Wie und Wo B2B Einkaeufer im Internet suchen

Bee Too Bee Lead Generation (PDF)

comShore Whitepaper: Cookie Deletion Impact On Audience Results

Horizont Ranking: Top 150 B2B Magazines in Germany (2006)

In a nutshell: RSS & Wiki (Video)

CommonCraftShow: Wikis in Plain English

CommonCraftShow: RSS in Deutsch & Plain English

Blog-Carnival 'Russian Media'

Juerg Vollmer's Blog-Carnival is in full swing.. The first 10 article are publishes from authors from Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. Great information on Russian Media the scene

On Krusenstern: Blog-Carnival Russian Media

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