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July 2005

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1 B2B Advertising BIN Report USA Shows 4,3 % plus
2 There is Not Everything Bad with Penton Media
3 Is IDG Germany's Creditability at Stake?
4 E&P Award: 10 Newspapers That Do It Right
5 Top 32 Magazines in ePaper
6 Community Sites Online Advertising Soars
7 How Craigslist Has Changed New York
8 A Study of Blogs and Usability from Catalyst
9 Asian's Top B2B Sites Tracking
10 Who Is Building a Feed Monetization Service for the European Market
11 Blog usage by Journalist stats
12 More on HEM Weblog on Media, Marketing & Internet
13 Are you using the right blogging tool?
14 Corporate Blogging Survey 2005: Is it Worth the Hype?
15 Life After the 30-Second Spot von Joseph Jaffe (in English)
16 1st Wikimania 2005 International Conference, Frankfurt, Germany
B2B Advertising BIN Report USA Shows 4,3 % plus

The Business Information Network (BIN) report for May 2005 shows that combined revenues of the first five months of 2005 are up 4.27% compared to the previous year. Monthly totals show an increase in revenue of 3.59% over May 2004. Government (Local, State, Federal) categories led the pack with 22.39% increases in revenue, the Banking, Financial, Insurance ad page follows with 20.2 %. Total pages for the year-to-date (May) are up 1.74% over 2004.

US BIN Numbers Jan - May 05

B2B Advertising Report USA Jan - May 2005 (PDF)

Report for Germany: Nielsen Media Trend for 1 - 6/2005

Report for Germany: VU Meynen Trade Magazines 1 - 6/2005 Results for 44 Branches

There is Not Everything Bad with Penton Media

Penton Media's CEO, David Nussbaum, presented at last week's annual meeting some interesting facts on the company's eStrategy and its results

- e-media operations, generated $17.6 million in 2004, or 8.3% of total revenues - that's up 20 % to previous year.
- Penton produced more than 100 webcasts in 2004 (resulting in $3.4 million in revenues)
- the company delivered 75 million eNewsletters in 2004
- Penton has 25 digital editions of magazines active or pending.

More about Penton's eStrategy from David Shaw on his B or not 2B Media Blog (Thanks!)

PowerPoint Presentation of David Nussbaum, CEO Penton

Is IDG Germany's Creditability at Stake?

German subsidiary of IDG, worldwide leader in IT publishing, has suspended their membership for Computer Woche (Computer Week) in the national audit control body IVW (similar to BPA in US).

As Jaeckel-Report (a qualified German b2b newsletter) writes, the IDG Business Verlag canceled "temporarily" the membership for IVW circulation control with a letter from July 8, 2005. Following a request from IVW to explain a large difference on paid subscription, on July 7, 2005: Qualified subscription falls from 48.281 (I/2005) to 24.417 (II/2005 Q).

IDG Business Verlag asked Deloitte to do a "recount" for the second quarter 2005 and the new report shows now: 23.864 paid subscription (versus 48.281 in quarter 1/2005). According to IDG the total circulation of 56.905 copies is not at stake.

This reminds me on a similar process regarding motorpresse Stuttgart. They also left a few years IVW (in time before they would have been expelled) and returned later after "heavy work" and PR ., costing the job of the CEO and the one of several managers.

We will see how the management of the parent company will handle this incident and serious situation for IDG, ad clients and agencies.

Is IDG Germany's Creditability at Stake

E&P Award: 10 Newspapers That Do It Right

The Editor & Publisher - America's Fine Journal Covering the Newspaper Industry - Reveals its 2005 List of '10 That Do It Right' Award

Not the 'Best' as Greg Mitchell says, but 10 who can serve as a model in one or more important areas such as Editorial, Community awareness, Marketing, Tech, Design, Online innovations, Diversity in coverage and hiring, etc - for the details you need to be a subscriber of the print issue! For a better learning curve, check it out on your own, first! and than go to the online version on E&P

The Star-Ledger
News & Record
Columbia Missourian
Centre Daily Times
Willamette Week
Asbury Park Press
Noblesville Daily Times
Your Mom
Chicago Sun-Times

HEM Blog: E&P: 10 Newspapers That Do It Right

E&P List of '10 That Do It Right'

The Newspaper of the Future Comes From Lawrence, Kansas

Top 32 Magazines in ePaper

With the help of Digital Magazine News / QMags combined ABC's and BPA's audit figures to deliver a list of the Top 32 magazines in ePaper delivery (on ABC and BPA figures period ending 12/2004)

PC Magazine is first with 119,771 copies
CosmoGirl second with 80,356 copies
eWeek third with 65,000 copies
Seventeen forth with 51,521 copies

View / download the Top 32 list at

Community Sites Online Advertising Soars

Nielsen/NetRatings' AdRelevance service reports for June 2005 the largest increase in ad revenue for the 'general community' websites. The 'general community' category saw spending soar by 214 percent to exceed 33 million USD during the month.

In the first half of the year, the 'community category' ranks sixth in ad revenue, pulling in more than 139 million USD. 'General / National News' the top category collected (only) 487 million USD. So still a 'few' month to go ...

Adweek/IQ Daily News Briefing writes:

" ...But the fact that revenue grew so quickly last month, as June accounted for nearly a quarter of the revenue garnered in the first half, may signal that community sites like the popular, blog heavy MySpace are being embraced by advertisers who are more willing to accept content that does not come from a single editorial voice.

'General community sites tend to have a higher level of engagement or interactivity with their users, making the sites very attractive to advertisers," said Nielsen/NetRatings senior media analyst Gerry Davidson.

Adweek Online (Subscription only)

Netratings original press release (PDF)

HEM Blog: Community Sites Online Advertising Soars

How Craigslist Has Changed New York

Craigslist New York, which went live five years ago, now averages 50,000 posts every weekday. Television networks regularly post ads seeking reality-TV cast members. Real-estate listings and posts for escort services are multiplying. Also: Craigslist offers posts for media jobs.

Craiglist New York

Intelligencer: How Craigslist Has Changed New York

Media Jobs on Craigslist Syndicated

HEM Blog: A New Age of Classifieds - With & Without Newspapers

A Study of Blogs and Usability from Catalyst

Catalyst Group Design tested the usability of blogs - late June and early July of 2005 and promise some 'light on a variety of heretofore neglected, user-experience related design challenges associated with blogs' potential to become a mainstream medium for Internet users.' Some findings from the report:

- No participant understood the mechanisms associated with RSS/subscribing to a blog - not even the minority familiar with the term 'RSS'.

- Few participants even recognized that they were on an actual blog - and once they did, had a very different reaction to the information presented.

- A minority of participants understood how to navigate within the blog itself - with most being confused by areas for recent posts, categories, trackbacks and even the comments and archives functions.

Press release - Summary of the test results

Download the Blog Usability Report at (PDF)

Asian's Top B2B Sites Tracking

Since December 2003 (more) Paul Woodward tracks B2B Website popularity in Asia based on Alexa.com. This month top 10 are (last month position):

1. alibaba.com (1)
2. hc360.com (2)
3. caijing.hexun.com (-)
4. made-in-china.com (3)
5. ec21.com (5)
6. Global Sources (4)
7. chinabyte.com (6)
8. efu.com.cn (7)
9. 51fashion.com.cn (10)
10. tdctrade.com (8)

Caijing magazine is new in this list - and made it straight to rank 3 - pushing zdnet.com.cn down to rank 11 (from 9). The only non-Chinese site in this list is ec21.com (South Korea).

(Contact Paul at BSG Asia, if you want a regular update!)

Asian's Top B2B Sites Tracking

BSG Asia Paul Woodward

Who Is Building a Feed Monetization Service for the European Market

Is it Bertelsmann / Gruner - Jahr? Burda? Holtzbrinck? Axel Springer? No! VNU Business Media Europe partners with FeedBurner to implement a Feed Monetization Service in the European Market. The press release says VNU will be first-to-market with RSS advertising powered by the leading feed management company (Feedburner, of course).

Dominique Busso CEO VNU Net says:
"The evolution of RSS has opened new doors for both publishers and marketers. With FeedBurner, we are staying ahead of the curve and anticipating advertiser needs, responding in new and creative ways. We've been impressed with the company's expertise in RSS and their consult to help us determine which monetization strategies will work best for our various entities."

There are lots of things you can and should do an win with Feeds ...

The original Feedburner press release

RSS Einsatzplanung in News, Marketing und Kundenpflege (German)

Blog usage by Journalist stats

An Euro RSCG/Columbia study shows

51 percent of journalists use blogs regularly
28 percent rely on them to help in their day-to-day reporting duties

out of journalists using blogs
53 percent used blogs mostly for finding story ideas
43 percent researching and referencing facts
36 percent finding sources
33 percent to uncover breaking news or scandals ...

ClickZ article: Study Bolsters Blog-Related PR Practices

Dave Newcorn's Blog B2B Digital Media

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Hugo's Business Trip Beijing, China: Any Job You Want To Be Done?

In the 2nd half of August Hugo E. Martin will be working in Beijing, China. He is invited to hold some workshops and trainings sessions for B2B Editors-in-Chiefs and Managing Editors, Marketing and Adsales Managers as well as Publishers and MDs.

If you have jobs that need to be done, problems you want to solve, e.g.

- making or develop contacts / moderation / coaching, etc.
- research, market research, looking for partner, staff, service partner, etc.
- negotiation, renegotiate a contract, solve a conflict or moderate a dispute, etc.
- special jobs in staff development, knowledge management, IT & C, etc.

please contact Hugo, to discuss whether he can be helpful to get the job done and how it can be best combined with this or any other trip, our with any of our eMartin Network partner!

mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Corporate Blog - China

More on HEM Weblog on Media, Marketing & Internet

Some selected items from our July 2005 postings:

(To get up-to-date news, tips and ideas subscribe to our RSS Feeds (below) or ask for a helping hand!)

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NYT on Newspaper Audience Participation

News Corp. Embraces Self-Publishing and Social Networking

Top 32 in Digital Circulation US - Share Period Ending 12/2004

Media Reps Are Time-wasters Who Don't Know Their Job

OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters Forum Resource Page

Update News/RSS Feed deutschsprachige Zeitungen (23.07.05)

The Blog Herald Counts 70 million Blogs for July 05

Missed Opportunity: Podcast Lance Armstrong Reports from the Tour de France

India: It's Launching Time

Are you using the right blogging tool?

Susannah Gardner has done a great primer on blog publishing tools 'to get a feel for what's available and what will work best for you'. The comparison chart is very detailed and can help you to develop your specs too.

Blogging Tools Compared - the article

Blogging Tools Compared - the chart

Corporate Blogging Survey 2005: Is it Worth the Hype?

The final results of Backbone's new survey on corporate blogging are now online and ready for download. More insights in this ongoing buzz!

From the executive summary:
With all of the buzz around corporate blogging, we wanted to understand the real value of it for companies. Why would a company want to start blogging, who should blog, what makes a blog successful and how can a company use this type of website to make a positive impact on business?

More on Backbone's Blogging Survey

Study White Paper download (PDF)

HEM Blog: Backbone's Corporate Blogging Survey 2005

Life After the 30-Second Spot von Joseph Jaffe (in English)

From the Synapse:
The old media strategies advertisers used for decades no longer work. Here's what does! Traditional advertising, in the form of print, radio, and most notably, television, is far less effective than it used to be. Advertising strategies using only these mediums no longer work. Life After the 30-Second Spot explains how savvy marketers and advertisers are responding with new marketing techniques to get their message out, get noticed, engage their audiences-and increase sales! Covering topics such as viral marketing, gaming, on-demand viewing, long-form content, interactive, and more, the book explains the new avenues marketers and advertisers must use to replace traditional print, TV, and radio advertising-and which strategies are most effective. This book is every marketer's road map to 'new marketing.'

Information, buying at Amazon.com

Information, buying at Amazon.de

1st Wikimania 2005 International Conference, Frankfurt, Germany

The First International Wikimedia Conference will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 4 August 2005 to 8 August 2005. The program contains about 65 speeches, workshops and discussion groups.

In the week before the conference Wikimania invites all Mediawiki developers, from inside and outside the Wikimedia projects, to the Mediawiki Hacking Days from Monday to Thursday (1 August to 4 August 2005). There will be a number of special events at Wikimania

Wikimania Program, Information, Registration

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