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February 28, 2005

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1 Tell Us Your Preference: Newsletter, Blog or a Mix of Both?
2 NYT Buys About.com Inventory to Satisfy Their Online Affine Ad Clients
3 MPA Spends 40 Mio. USD to Convince Advertisers
4 RSS for News, Classifieds (and other) BIZ
5 No RSS? No Downloads? No Interaction? Fake Content ... You're Fired!
6 Cross-Border Publishing: India
7 Happy 5th Birthday OhmyNews!
8 A Newspaper Takes on the Challenge: Citizen Journalism
9 Why get into podcasts? And how? In 4 Min. (Video)
10 Your Guide to Corporate Blogging
11 The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age by Philip Meyer
12 Webcast Panel Discussion March 9, 2005: "The Vanishing Newspaper."
Tell Us Your Preference: Newsletter, Blog or a Mix of Both?

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NYT Buys About.com Inventory to Satisfy Their Online Affine Ad Clients

The NYT Company paid 410 mio. USD in cash for About.com having 40 to 45 mio. USD turnover, about 500 blogs and ca. 22 mio. monthly visitors to serve their online advertising affine clients.

This was after all not a bad deal for Primedia! Probably it was the best they did in connection with About.com after they had acquired it in 2000 for 690 mio. USD in stocks.

The industry will watch carefully for NYT's plan and performance. Even so, Martin A. Nisenholtz, CEO of the Times company, plays down the chances and influence from this deal on NYT Business. He said: "It's too small to influence or change the way we make business" and sees the main benefits on the level of online advertising inventory and revenue. But honestly, paying 410 Mio. USD for an inventory to place advertising?

About.com stands for community building, experts advise, information resources, ideas, tools, etc. ... hoping that NYT knows better and uses it for sustainable, profitable growth.

More about About.com and NYT on Weblog HEM on Media

Is there a Different Way of Conducting News Business on It's Way?

paidContent.org Exclusive Audio: Interview with Martin Nisenholtz (14,8 MB)

MPA Spends 40 Mio. USD to Convince Advertisers

The Read On campaign of the Magazine Publishers Association of America plans to spend 40 mio. USD (including lots of barter, I guess) to convince advertisers and media decision makers that they represent the best means to reach "readers / potential clients" getting them involved. From the announcement it looks like MBA feels strongly about taking some money out of TV ad spending budgets.

Read more about the campaign at Folio from Matt Klinsman.

Folio: MPA to Fire $40 Million Shot Across TV's Bow on Monday

Or on MPA's Website

RSS for News, Classifieds (and other) BIZ

Today everybody talks about RSS Feed, some use it (in US: only about 6 % of newspapers are offering RSS Feeds on their site). It seems it is high-time to evaluate the usage of RSS not only for News & Classifieds, but also in Marketing, Circulation, Services, CRM and alike!

Hurry up! For example, AP has started offering RSS Feeds to YOUR reader customers. I'm sure Yahoo (News) doesn't like this and you should be worried too and find out what it means for your publication or website. And AP has further plans according to Jim Kennedy, VP of Strategic Planning, they are working hard to offer geo-targeting for their Custom News Service.

I can hear from the Controlling department already: Great, we can save a lot of money if we can get rid of this news business ...

US: New List Shows 6% of Papers with RSS Feeds

The Database of US Paper with RSS

AP RSS Newsfeed

AP Launches RSS Feeds by Steve Rubel

na actuell Presseportal.de Offers Newsfeed Select

No RSS? No Downloads? No Interaction? Fake Content ... You're Fired!

Robert Scoble is one of Microsoft's Evangelists. He does his job with passions - but sometimes, it is getting on his nerves. This time, he shares his feelings in his Weblog Scobleizer:

No RSS? No downloads? No interaction? Fake content? You're fired! I am so pissed.

Yesterday I ripped the head off of a coworker. He works in marketing on a major Microsoft product. I'm not going to identify it or him ... (recommended reading!)

This team is very lucky that I'm not in charge of marketing. On the other hand? Some teams at Microsoft do get it.

What about your Newspaper, Magazine, Website? Did you get it? Not only on News and Classified! But also in Marketing, Circulation, Services and alike!

Scobleizer: Robert Scoble hopping mad

USAToday.com Offers Classified Advertising Feeds

More about this on our Weblog HEM on Media

Cross-Border Publishing: India

After starting to understand that China is still a difficult, but interesting place for publishers to be to start a profitable business, India has come more into focus. As investment rules eased, we can report on some positive steps taken.

IDG to Invest 20 Mio. USD in India

Our Partner Paul Woodward reports in his Asia Business Media News Update, No. 122 that IDG plans to invest 20 mil. USD in the next 3 years in the Indian market.

IDG is reported to take advantage of the Indian government's relaxation of foreign ownership laws which now allow 100% control of technical titles. The new projects competing directly with its late publishing partner Cybermedia, will not make them close friends.

A similar move of IDG is being reported, that they want to exploit the chance for direct foreign ownership of companies in the tech market in Korea. IDG plans to spend $5 million on Seoul-based IT World Communications, Inc. to establish IDG Korea.

BSG Newsletter: IDG to Invest 20 Mio. USD in India

Folio 23-Feb-2005: IDG Secures $25 Million Foothold in India and Korea

Yahoo Seeks to Acquire a Minority Stake in Indiatimes

The Financial Times reports that Yahoo, after consolidating its position in China, plans for increasing its presence in India. They are looking for a stake in Indiatimes the online arm of Times of India, the largest media group in this country.

Yahoo, who does already part of its development in Bangalore, has an eCommerce partnership with Rediff.com beside its Yahoo India Portal.

Yahoo in Talks on Stake in Indiatimes

Ringier Plans To Launch Five b2b Magazines in India

On 21-Feb-2005 Ringier Pacific Ltd., Hong Kong (Ringier AG, Switzerland) announced that it will venture with the Indian publisher Infomedia India of Mumbai and launch in 2005 five b2b magazines in the area of Plastic, Packaging, Food Processing, Textiles and Pharmaceutics. They also plan conferences and Internet platforms at the same time (as they did in China quite successfully).

Ringier Plans To Launch Five b2b Magazines in India

BSG India Launched - Paul Woodward goes India

Our partner Business Strategies Group (BSG) has formed a new operating unit, BSG India together with Santosh Goenka in Mumbai, India.

BSG India will provide a platform for assisting international business media and business information companies wishing to build and expand their publishing activities in India.

BSG India Launched

Happy 5th Birthday OhmyNews!

One of the front runners of citizen reporting, the Korean Website OhmyNews celebrated its 5th Birthday. When Oh Yeon Ho, his colleagues and more than 700 Koreans so called citizen reporters started this venture on February 20th, 2000 no one was expecting such a success.

Today OhmyNews has about 14 mio. readers / users, about 37.000 reporters have signed the Citizen Reporter Agreement and Code of Ethics. OhmyNews pays according to popularity (counting views, downloads) and introduced tipping for extra income.

About 20 % of content comes now from full-time reporters and 80 % from citizen reporters. 70 per cent of the revenue is from advertising. In 2003 they started OhmyNews as print edition (circ. 100.000), Audio and Video Newscast.

Since June 2004 they have an English / international Website. In January 2005 they had their first gathering of its European citizen reporters to understand more about what is going on and I'm for some more activities too.

OhmyNews on HEM on Media

OhmyNews International Website - check it out!

Citizen Reporter Agreement and Code of Ethics

A Newspaper Takes on the Challenge: Citizen Journalism

Howard Owens, Ventura County Star's New Media Director, introduces Alicia Hoffman their online editor and her new role of citizen journalism / user-content specialist:

"We see blogs, forums, photo blogs and other forms of citizen journalism as a significant part of the online news world. Our readers want to be part of the process of sharing the news and shaping the news ..."

"She will guide us in the world of "journalism as a conversation" as we develop VenturaCountyStar.com as the online community center for Ventura County."

You can read the complete intro at HEM on Media

Ventura County Star's Website

Why get into podcasts? And how? In 4 Min. (Video)

In these four minutes about Podcasting you hear What it means, What for and How to get into Podcasting. It is a good example, how you can explain in audio, without spending a lot of money, if you have something new to offer and want to give your clients a hand!

The video in Real format is about 7 MB and you can access it via Lisa's Williams Weblog "Learning the Lessons of Nixon".

Lisa's Williams Weblog "Learning the Lessons of Nixon"

More resources on how to podcast on JD Lasica Blog New Media Musings

Your Guide to Corporate Blogging

Blogging can play an important role in both external and internal communications of your organization. BBC is not only using blogs and podcasting as tools in their core business - publishing - they're also way ahead of most companies when it comes to internal uses of social media: Blogs, V-blogs, Wikis

Find out in Fredrik WackĊ's Guide to Corporate Blogging the basic facts, examples and testimonials, and get an eye on the current discussion.

Beginners' Guide to Corporate Blogging Free Download 16-page PDF:

The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age by Philip Meyer

The newspaper industry has been losing readers for more than 30 years. Whom to blame for these losses? The readers, the Internet, the newspaper?

Philip Meyer explains in details that this is an ongoing process, it started long before the Internet, and it will not end with the Internet. He provides a model of how the news industry can preserve quality journalism and work with continuous changes in technology, information behavior, media consumption and timing.

Amazon Link to "The Vanishing Newspaper"

Webcast Panel Discussion March 9, 2005: "The Vanishing Newspaper."

The Media Center of the American Press Institute holds on March 9, 2005 a Webcast Panel discussion on "The Vanishing Newspaper: Survival and Public Service in the Age of We Media"

On the Panel is a.o. Phil Meyer the author of the book "The Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism In The Information Age", Phil Meyer

Information and registration at Media Center's Website

News came from Bob Stepno's Other Journalism Weblog

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