December 22, 2004

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1 Documentary or Drama: The Media in 2014
2 The News business and Digital Deliverance
3 B2B Publishing Back in Business
4 Look over the fences: Insights from ABM's Top Management Meeting
5 Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers
Documentary or Drama: The Media in 2014

In the Year 2014 the New York Times has gone Offline A documentary flash video made by Robin Sloan predicts the World of News in 2014. The News world (made by Google and Amazon alike) with personalized media, made by peers, and the guy knows (or think they know) what's going on and traditional papers disappearing (or will appear as Newsletter - in print! - for the elderly).

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The video from the Museum of Media - the sides is very busy - be patient!

The News business and Digital Deliverance

If you watched the movie you will see of how the Google, Amazon and alike might (or might not) challenge the Media. There are other sparks and in our atmosphere, not to often from traditional media.

Certainly you have checked the announcement of Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of the open source encyclopedia Wikipedia, about the new project Wikinews (a collaborative news reporting initiative). See what Wired had to write about and our partner EPS summarizes.

Did hear about the Pegasus new local news model planning in late 2005 starting with distribute local news content and advertising via the web, e- newsletters, RSS feeds, a daily print edition, SMS messaging and other mediums.

Steve Outing writes a Pegasus News looks like a potentially interesting local-news model. Steve Rubel examines what little is known of this start-up, which aims to go up against monopoly newspapers in 25 metro U.S. markets with a combination of micro-local news, open-source journalism (a.k.a., citizen journalism) augmented by professional editing, and pay-for-performance advertising (a la Google AdWords). Also look out for what RSS (stands for Really Simple Syndication) is doing already for news publisher and how it will change digital delivery. And why you find an article on Digital Deliverance titled Hey, You Guys Who Run U.S. Newspaper Chains! - the Internet is only on part of the problems you have.

A first look of how Wikinews should work

Wired on Wikipedia News


Pay Up or Write by Steve Auting

OK, so what will be a good use of RSS for News publisher

Hey, You Guys Who Run U.S. Newspaper Chains!

B2B Publishing Back in Business

Was B2B Publishing out? Is it in again? Is the benefit from B2B Media declining? Declining like B2B advertising was for the last 3 years? And is advertising coming back?

Can we agree that B2B publisher have done a lousy job for their users?

Did we help much to make this changes? Needed especially in a time when business, processes and information intake and handling has changed so much?

Why do our client always first look at their B2B budgets, if the want and/or need to safe costs? Do they doubt the benefits of B2B advertising?

Do we not deliver or enable the measurements they need to find B2B advertising critical for their success?

Without doubt marketing strategy and marketing mix has and still is change a lot. Our offers often do not reflect the way our clients think and do not deliver what they (and we) need to be successful. Happy and challenging work for 2005!

B2B Gets Back To Business, Posts Strong Page Gain in October


US BIN Chart October 2004

Mag Rack: The Outlook For '05

Look over the fences: Insights from ABM's Top Management Meeting

ABM's News and E-News helps you to look over the fences and see highlights and Best Practice reports, right now from ABM's Top Management Meeting, held mid November in Chicago. The 2004 motto was "Roadmap for Your Business: B-to-B's Best Practices."

The latest example about ideas shared was the strategy table with Jim Asker (Aviation Week), Sid Holt (Adweek Magazines), Kevin McKean (InfoWorld) and Aric Press ( American Lawyer Media). Everyone on the floor agreed that editors think beyond the printed page and give a lot of thought how to increase the touch points with User and what we, when and how and best to deliver through our print magazine, websites, newsletters, events or blogs.

Make sure you go to ABM's News and get the rest of the story - and consider subscribing to their weekly E-News too.

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Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers

Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers Inside Technology Series (April 2004) by Paplo J. Boczkowski Paplo J. Boczkowski analyzes of how US Publisher have reacted to the challenge and how and when the employed the new potential of Electronic Publishing.

Digitizing the News gives us different angle to look on the subject - it covers technological, communicative and organizational aspects and describes of how digitalization changes the newsroom, production processes, delivery and integrating offline and online media.

Digitizing the News at

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