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1 Industry Standard to Shut Down
2 Ziff Davis To Launch BASELINE and GameNow
3 Advanstar to Extend Buyer's Guides
4 Who Breaks Even in the Second Quarter ?
5 24/7 Media Focusing on US
6 The 10 Principles of the New Economy
7 Asia-Pacific Becomes Largest Internet Market by 2003
8 Diversification is the Name of the Game
9 Checked Your Bulk-eMail Lately ?
10 P2P Trying to Get in Corporate Door
11 Time Still Not Right for Broadband Investments
12 Digital Media in Context
13 Business Web Guide by Business2.0
14 HistoryWired: A Few of Our Favorite Things
15 eVideo: Producing Internet Video
16 Seybold San Francisco


Industry Standard to Shut Down

Standard Media International will shut down the Industry Standard magazine, according to people familiar with the matter, but the publication's Web site will continue operations. The magazine ad revenue in July 2001 fell 78.6 percent to about $2.6 million, down from $12 million the year before. Ad pages dropped 86 percent from year 2000, according to the PIB. Read more:

[!] Industry Standard to Shut Down, Source Says

[!] The Industry Standard to stop publishing

Ziff Davis To Launch BASELINE and GameNow

Ziff Davis will start the publication of Baseline in October, with a controlled circulation of 150,000 IT industry professionals. The monthly magazine will provide analysis and reporting on how to cost, deploy and manage IT solutions. Ziff Davis' Game Group will launch GameNow magazine in November, targeting youth video game players, ages 10-16, especially PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and GameBoy Advance gamers. Read more:

[!] Ziff Davis Media to Launch Baseline


Advanstar to Extend Buyer's Guides

MediaBrains will build 15 MediaBrain Buyer's Guides for Advanstar, of which several are already online (see links below). The branded directories will connect buyers and sellers and advertisiers can target professional users in vertical markets.

[!] Press Releases

Advanstar's Directories already online (selection):

[!] Aftermarket Business

[!] Hotel and Motel Management

[!] Offical Travel Industry Directory

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Who Breaks Even in the Second Quarter ?

Priceline has broken into profitability in the second quarter this year. Revenues were $365 mil and $13.9 EBITDA. Improved customer management, better use of client database and successful TV advertising made travel sales leap. Search Engine Google has also announced profitability in the second quarter. Numbers were not published. Read more:

[!] - 2nd Quarter Results

[!] Google declares profitable status
See who else is already profitable:

[!] Smart Business 50

24/7 Media Focusing on US

Ad serving network 24/7 Media will stop funding its European subsidiary. A few months earlier, 24/7 terminated operations in Latin America, closing offices in Miami, Mexico and South America. "24/7 Media continues to aggressively act upon its strategies to reduce operating costs and to focus on its core businesses in North America," said Tony Plesner, COO 24/7 Media :)

[!] 24/7 Media Narrows Its Focus to North America

[!] 24/7 Media Cuts Funding to European Unit

[!] 24/7 Media Dumps Exactis

The 10 Principles of the New Economy

1. Matter matters less.
2. Distance has vanished.
3. Time is collapsing.
4. People are the crown jewels.
5. Growth is accelerated by the network.
6. Value rises exponentially with market share.
7. The middleman lives.
8. Buyers are gaining dramatic new power
- and sellers, new opportunity.
9. Transactions are a one-on-one game.
10. Every product is available everywhere.

Source: Business2.0

[!] Our 10 Principles of the New Economy, Slightly Revised

Asia-Pacific Becomes Largest Internet Market by 2003

According to predictions from Gartner's Dataquest. In 2003, the region will have 183.3 million internet subscribers, topping the US (162.8 million) and Western Europe (162.2 million). Dataquest predicts the number of Asia/Pacific 'net subscribers will jump from 47.4 million in 1999 to 248 million in 2005. By 2005, Japan and China will have a combined 151.5 million subscribers, comprising about 61% of the region's total. Read more:

[!] Asia/Pacific to Overtake United States in 2003

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Diversification is the Name of the Game

Though 42% of European advertisers are spending 1% to 5% of their advertising budget online, 40% spend nothing on e-advertising. US online ad spending will experience a slight increase of 5% in 2001 and a rise of 22% through 2006. The future lies in the diversification of Internet marketing. eMail, sponsoring, eCoupons and others will help digital marketing generate $19.3 billion in 2006. Read more:

[!] European Expenditures on eAdvertising

[!] Revisiting Online Advertising in the US

Checked Your Bulk-eMail Lately ?

One of the problems facing eMail publishers is the fact that email services, like AOL and Yahoo have systems which put any incoming email they expect to be "bulk"- emails into bulk-boxes. After getting a subscriber to opt-in for your newsletter, they then never see it. Read how you can avoid this problem:

[!] Stop AOL, Hotmail & Yahoo from Putting Newsletters into "Bulk Mail" Folders

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P2P Trying to Get in Corporate Door

Peer-to-Peer and Grid technology has recently gained a push through announcements by IBM and Sun Microsystems to take part in the development of P2P applications and look for common standards. eWeek has found that "P2P can help organizations tap otherwise unused computing power and boost storage and bandwidth to free up server resources." Groove Networks and NextPage show the first corporate applications in the fields of collaboration and content distribution. Read more:

[!] Groove

[!] NextPage

[!] White Paper: Business Uses of Peer-to-Peer

[!] Peer-to-peer software on tap for Sun users

[!] Analysis: Infiltrating the enterprise

[!] P2P Goes to Work

[!] Peer Pressure

Time Still Not Right for Broadband Investments

McKinsey's Take-Away: Given the current economics of the business and the constraints of technology, broadcasters shouldn't make huge investments in broadband programming just yet. Instead, they should experiment with a portfolio of programming options. Read more:

[!] Broadband Media: Look before you Leap

[!] By 2005, 50% of UK households connect to the Internet via TV


Digital Media in Context

Our UK Partner EPS, Ltd is publishing the digital newsletter Interactive Media International for decision makers of the media industry. Publishing, eLearning and eBusiness are topics which discussed in the monthly editions. You can always get a free overview of the month in new media at:

[!] Interactive Media International

Business Web Guide by Business2.0

In cooperation with Business2.0 has picked 50.000 eBusiness web sites and has arranged them 11.000 comprehensive topics. If you are searching you might want to start here:

[!] Business2.0 Web Guide

HistoryWired: A Few of Our Favorite Things

The Smithsonian Museum of American History now has a web site called "HistoryWired: A Few of Our Favorite Things" that features a tour of objects that the museum can't afford to display in its offline space. Virtual objects include historical icons ranging from Mamie Eisenhower's inaugural gown to Kermit the Frog. The navigation is extremely avantgarde.

[!] HistoryWired

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eVideo: Producing Internet Video

Want to take part in the broadband video game? Computer engineer Alesso describes such technologies as digital encoding and editing, compression and streaming, and high-capacity data transmission and argues that their convergence makes video over the Internet both viable and inevitable.

[!] e-Video: Producing Internet Video As Broadband Technologies Converge, H. Peter Alesso, Sep 2000

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Seybold San Francisco

Every year professionals from around the world gather at Seybold San Francisco to take part in the community committed to transforming communications technology. Educational programs include Conferences, Tutorials and Hot Technology Days. You might want to register!

[!] Seybold San Francisco 2001
September 25-27, San Francisco

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