2000 Week 03

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1 Primedia Acquires About.com
2 Barnes&Noble.com forces e-Book Sales
3 Embracing What Works
4 Germany Ahead in European Internet Market
5 New Economy is No New Business
6 B-to-B deals are coming fast and frequent
7 Find an ASP @ ZDNet
8 e-Start Opens German Subsidiary
9 News @ eMartin.net
Primedia Acquires About.com

In the latest marriage of old and new media, magazine publisher Primedia said on monday that it will acquire the Web directory About.com for $ 690 million in stock. The combination will create a company that can tap revenues from advertising in its online and traditional publications. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2001. Read more:

[!] Behind the Scenes at Primedia's Acquisition of About, Inc.

[!] Mixed Media

[!] Forrester Research Brief: PRIMEDIA Hits The Target With About.com

Barnes&Noble.com forces e-Book Sales

Last week Barnes & Noble has announced a partnership with MightyWords to sell e-Books. MightyWords, a former division of FatBrain.com, is providing content which is downloadable to the Microsoft Reader or the Glassbook Reader and printable for $3 to $100. Read more:

On Barnes&Noble.com:

[!] Barnes&Noble.com inks deal for e-book sales

[!] Barnes&Noble.com sees wider loss as revenues jump

[!] Barnes & Noble to offer in-store access to Web site

On eBooks:

[!] About.Com eBook News

[!] Franfurt eBook Award - Winners and Losers

[!] Frankfurt eBook Award - The Finalists and the Controversy

Embracing What Works

Good times for Napster (for the moment). It is a good model for the industry and an acknowledgment of a new power of users at Internet-times. Consumers decide what, when and how they will buy (or not) and more than 32 million users have decided that they find it easier to access and download music via Internet instead of going to a record shop or recording from the radio. Now Bertelsmann has to find out whether it works.

[!] Morgan Stanley Likes Bertelsmann-Napster Deal

[!] Let the Music Play: Bertelsmann and Napster Come Together

Listen.com - backed by major labels meanwhile offered $ 5.5 million in cash and 500.000 shares to get Scour.com filed for bankruptcy. The story:

[!] Listen.com Bids $5.5M for Scour

Germany Ahead in European Internet Market

In a recent study Gartner Group has found out that Germany is holding half of the European Internet market value of $53 billion. According to the study the value is expected to reach $1 trillion within the next four years.

[!] Internet-Industrie: Deutschland weit vorn (D)

[!] Gartner Group

New Economy is No New Business

The secrets to successful e-Business are not secret at all, for they have been taught for years in the top business schools. The Dot-Coms have shown that perfect branding strategies are no substitute for solid business metrics. Mistakes have been the ones that the business schools have been railing against for half of a century: entering market with too many competitors, throwing good money after bad and appalling lack of planning. Read the story:

[!] Unconventional Wisdom

B-to-B deals are coming fast and frequent

The business-to-business deal-making machine is finally getting into gear. We say finally, because consolidation, failures and partnerships amid independent Net market makers have been the conventional wisdom since last winter. Such prescience was girded by the spring's stock market downturn, as well as the rise of industry consortium marketplaces. In short, a majority of independent Net market makers were toast, and it was just a matter of time before the ax fell, said b-to-b prognosticators. Adam Feuerstein has the story:

[!] B-to-b deals are coming fast and frequent

Find an ASP @ ZDNet

If you are in the market for an ASP to help you with your hosting, store building, advertising, e-com exchange or just about anything else - tap into ZDNets new ASP Finder to help you find the perfect partner.

[!] ZDNet ASP Finder

e-Start Opens German Subsidiary

The European Start-Up Service Provider e-Start has announced to open an office in Berlin, Germany. The company is planning to support Start-Ups through its European LaunchNetworks including 30 service partners in the fields of advertising, design, Venture Capital and Human Resource Development. e-Start is already present in the UK, France, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.

[!] e-Start Press Releases

News @ eMartin.net

Relaunch of eMartin.net

mcc consulting has finished the first phase of improvements to its web site www.eMartin.net. We try to provide users with a better overview over the content and resources of our website.

You are now able to complete a free registration for the eMartin.net resources. After registering you will be able to browse our link library and give your rating of our links. Soon users will also have the possibility to recommend their favorite links to our community.

[!] eMartin.net

[!] Free Registration

If you have any suggestions for further improvements to eMartin.net, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

[!] office@eMartin.net

New @ HEM & Friends

Need a contact in Moscow? Dmitry Zakharov has made a student practice at mcc consulting in Berlin during the last 2 month and is 100% motivated to support you with his skills and experience in journalism and web design.

[!] Dimitry Zakharov @ HEM & Friends

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